Donald Trump’s New Agriculture Brain Trust: Unbelievable Potential


People who are vocally against Donald Trump usually attack him on his character or occurrences from the past. It is very seldom that you see an ad attack Trump’s policies or political agenda. This is for a reason, Trump’s platform is actually, for the most part, really solid. His plans for taxation actually make sense, and they are also very clear, unlike his opponent, who has been criticized lately for literally changing her platform on her website over five times. Trump has also shown excellent skill in assembling different committees. Bringing in people that your typical “D.C politician” would never even consider. Just look at the team he has assembled to fix the broken agriculture infrastructure within our government. Trump has went out and put together an “All-Star” team to reform agriculture in the United States (which is desperately  needed… just look at the total taxes a farmer has to pay to get a crop from field to market). The roster includes 6 conservative governors: Terry Branstad (Iowa), Sam Brownback (Kansas), Pete Richetts (Nebraska), Mary Fallin (Oklahoma), Dennis Daugaard (South Dakota), and Jack Dalrymple (North Dakota). Trump even showed us he could brains over political party and recruited 2016 G.O.P primary rivals Rick Perry and Jim Gilmore. The new trust includes five esteemed federal lawmakers as well: Sen. Pat Roberts (Kansas) and Reps. Bob Goodlatte (Virginia), Mike Conaway (Texas), Rodney Davis (Illinois) and Robert Aderholt (Alabama). The committee also includes former U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary John Block, former Harris Teeter grocery store CEO Bob Goodale, and other industry leaders.

“The members of my agricultural advisory committee represent the best that America can offer to help serve agricultural communities,” Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, said in a campaign statement earlier this month.

“Many of these officials have been elected by their communities to solve the issues that impact our rural areas every day. I’m very proud to stand with these men and women, and look forward to serving those who serve all Americans from the White House.” from a statement issued from Trump’s campaign manager earlier this month as well.

If agriculture is how you make your living, directly or indirectly, this committee should excite you. It looks as though this countries farmers are finally going to be able to escape the incredible taxes placed on them over the past eight years of Obama. This means that a lot of those useless rules and regulations placed on the industry that make products and services more expensive are going to be lifted. The left can keep on attacking Trump’s character and attempting to blind the American people from how solid of a candidate he  actually is, but eventually the solidarity and excellent skill he has displayed in picking committees and constructing sound policy will come to light.