Trump and Cruz fight over their wives, we explain why


Just before the Utah primary (or should I say Caucus), a Cruz supporting PAC released a semi-nude picture of Trump’s wife, Melania. Trump responded – in his usual way – by threatening to “spill the beans” on Cruz’s wife. In the meantime, a Trump supporting newspaper, The National Enquirer, has released “explosive” story regarding Cruz that could threaten his presidential run.

The wife fight

The fight between the two most likely candidates for the Republican presidential ticket escalated further this week with both calling names to each other. It started with an ad against Trump’s wife, Melania by a Cruz supporting PAC, “Make America Awesome”. Trump, who does not even leaves people when they are saying nothing against him, seeing the ad, attacked vociferously. He tweeted, on 23rd March, “Lyin’ Ted Cruz just used a picture of Melania from a G.Q. shoot in his ad. Be careful, Lyin’ Ted, or I will spill the beans on your wife!” Cruz responded by calling Donald a coward and a rat.

For the front-runner Trump, this is not new. He has often attacked people when he is confronted. He has even attacked Jeb Bush’s wife, during the campaign, as she is a Mexican immigrant. The bizarre reaction could also be a presumption of his loss in Utah Caucus where he eventually lost by a whopping 55.2% margin. The ad may have actually worked as most of the residents of Utah are Mormons who adhere to the LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints) Church. Trump isn’t much favorable among them which is also represented in the results.

The Cruz’s story


Another “scandal” that came last week was a story about Ted Cruz. Although, it’s not reported heavily in the mainstream media, a hashtag “#Cruzsexscandal” trended for a while on Twitter. It was mostly tweeted by the supporters of the Republican from New York who were citing the story that came earlier this week.

Earlier this week, the pro-Trump newspaper, National Enquirer came with a story titled “5romps that will destroy Ted Cruz!” In it, the newspaper suggested according to unknown sources that Cruz had multiple affairs. Cruz, who is more popular among churchgoing more conservative Christians, vehemently denied the allegations. He even suggested that the story was a plant by Trump and his campaign. Trump, having asked the question by a reporter, denied it completely. “… But I had absolutely nothing to do with it…” He told in a statement about this issue.

It is also to be understood that the National Enquirer has close relations with Trump. When Bush was in a fight with Trump, it also released such “explosives” regarding him. In them, it was suggested that he was involved in drug trade in Florida. Many stories over the campaign against Trump’s rivals like Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio and even Ben Carson have magically shown inside the Enquirer just at the time of their feud with Trump. This results in more speculation that the tabloid’s working for the Trump’s campaign.

All in all, the fight usually suggests that Trump is going after his last main rival, Cruz. He is trying to portray him as “unfaithful”. There could be more to the story than what we have read so far. A Breitbart reporter, Allum Bokhari, has suggested that the story regarding Cruz’s wife is with the newspaper. Although, he later said that it’s on hold due to some reasons. We do not know exactly when and why the story will break, but the fight is going to be bad in the next few days.