Top 4 Spring Break Destinations

After the recent tragedy that has taken place in Panama City Beach about the alcohol laws during March, students world wide will be in search of the next best spot. That is exactly why I am here to help!


Most people would think it is silly that I put this option as the first one because everybody already knows about this destination. Why? Because there are no legit laws in Mexico that have to do with drinking. You will 100% not be disappointed you came and will live the memories you make for a very long time. Any place you may pick will require a great amount of money, but most of the resorts here in Cancun are “All-Inclusive”. This means you get room and board, 3 meals, and some open bars around the area for one price. A recommendation by a few, stay within the resort boundaries unless you are going to the club. You never know what the Cartel may be up too..

Nonetheless this destination spot will be filled to the top with young college girls and guys all looking for the same exact thing. Come on you know what I am talking about…


You can call me bias if you please but Destin comes in at number two. Not only did I use to live in the heart of Destin, I have vacationed there many times after leaving because I just can not get enough! This spot is like PCB’s little sister with sneakily large breast and isn’t known to party. A nice thing about Destin is there is one location that pretty much everyone meets at, The Whale’s Tale. No doubt you are going to find yourself walking a good amount, but that is how it is at PCB as well.

From my personal experience when I use to live in Destin was it is predominantly Greek, as opposed to a South Padre Island, where you party with half the cast of Jersey Shore. Be aware of the cops that patrol the beach because they will card you if you’re holding a drink!

3.Beaver Creek/Vail/Any Big-Time Ski Destination

This destination is more for your classy thrill seekers who want to party and get a little taste of adrenaline. Since you will be at a higher altitude it is said that the liquor will hit you faster then normal. I mean, who doesn’t want to chill in a big hot tub with a drink in your left hand and a boob in the other?

Although these trips are about double the price from going to a beechy spot, you will definitively always remember the spring break you went on where it was 20 degrees outside.

At South Lake Tahoe you are able to experience Vegas casinos and the crippling black diamonds all in one day! I wouldn’t suggest that low end resorts like New Mexico or some other common ski destination. You trying to hand with the boy boys? you gotta go where the real talent is at the big resorts.

4.A Cruise To The Bahamas

Want to live on a small little city that moves about the Atlantic Ocean, and is packed with people looking to have a good time? THIS TRIP IS FOR YOU. Personally, cruises are the best way to go. I have been on 8 and still can not seem to get enough of them. Get the all inclusive drinking package and make your vacation one full of memories  Not only do you stop at some of the top end resorts in the Caribbean, you also get a little taste of everyone’s spring break.

In the Bahamas every island is pretty much filled with the same things. Steel drums, Strawberry daiquiris, and jewelry shops for days. If you are the adventure type that wants to ride ATV’s through the jungle, or swim with the sting rays you picked the right vacation.

Regardless the cruise line you may pick, this vacation choice is probably the all around best.