St Patrick’s Day | the Why, the How, and the Where



Who doesn’t know about St Patrick’s Day? It’s the most cherished celebration of Irish culture and Irish people. Everyone is happy and painted in green on this festival which comes every year on March the 17th. Today, we will talk about who St Patrick was, why St Patrick’s Day is celebrated, and how celebrations are done. We will also inform you where it is a holiday and where isn’t.

Who was St Patrick?

St Patrick was born in Roman-England in roughly around 4 to 5th century A.D. His father and grandfather were also workers in the church. When he became 16, he was kidnapped and taken to Ireland by some Raiders. He spent six years there and by the Lord’s wishes found the true path. According to the legend, God told Patrick to go to his home through the ship stationed at the coast. Patrick went back and some time later returned as a priest to convert the pagans living in Ireland. It is being told since ages that he converted thousands to the faith of the Lord. Traditions hold that he died on 17th of March. Traditionally it is believed that his grave is situated in Downpatrick.

With the advent of time, stories about him grew, and he became the foremost saint of Ireland. He is termed as the sole contributor to making the Irish Christian. That’s why; he is so popular, and his celebrations are all over the world.

How St Patrick’s Day celebrated?

The celebrations of St Patrick’s Day are very colorful. Everyone is painted in green, both by attire and by color. The traditional music of Ireland céilithe is often played in these celebrations. As we have told before, this is a celebration of not only religion but of Irish culture also. Everything on St Patrick’s Day shows itself as Irish. Various groups participate in the celebrations like marching bands, fire brigades, voluntary associations, various organizations related to the Irish culture, and many others. It looks just like a carnival that happens only one day in March.

Many churches, who dislike drinking alcohol, remove the ban on this day. As churches are doing a favor to the people, people also do the church services.

One interesting fact to know is that until the 20th century, it wasn’t much a festival in the Ireland itself but was celebrated mostly by the diaspora of Irish descent’s living in North America.

St Patrick’s Day in the United States and other places

As you have read in this piece, St Patrick’s Day is very popular in North American states. However, it’s only a holiday in two places of the United States: a county of Massachusetts (Suffolk County) and Savannah, Georgia. Nevertheless, it’s quite popular all over the US. In the United States, it is celebrated from at least the 18th century. The festival is not only good for the Irish people but the Economy too. It brings over $ 4 billion in sales every year.

In Boston, there is a large Irish-American community and the celebrations there are huge with various Irish foods like corned beef is featured in many events. In New York, the celebration is quite old with civilians, firefighters and policemen joining it together. In Chicago, celebrations are also huge, and a Southside parade is held every year on the occasion. Regarding the birthplace, Ireland, celebrations are more religious in nature. It became an official holiday only in 1903 when the first statewide Irish St Patrick’s Day was held. Nowadays, seeing the US, it has also become quite cultural in nature.