Snapchat: You Can Make A Career Through This App

Come to find out 39% of Snapchat users were 25 to 44, yeah you read that right. 100 million user that use SnapChat on the daily and five years later, I guess SnapChat is not full of selfie taking highschoolers and college students anymore.

Now you are probably wondering right about now, what could this man be possible trying to explain. Snapchat is just like any other social media that markets millions of dollars a day. The method is simple, small buisisness or growing pages will pay top dollars now to give them a 10 second shoutout. The SnapChat industry according to   Investopia “Snapchat previously turned down a $3 billion acquisition offer from Facebook in late 2013 and a $4 billion offer from Google. Snapchat is one of a group of private companies with multibillion dollar valuations. The only other private company with a larger valuation is likely Uber.”

Besides, I know everyone sees on Snapchat pages like Cosmopolitan or MTV. Come to find out they are charged an upwards of $750,000, and as technology advances their advertising methods will as well.  Facebook is reaching new heights as they are advertising 50% of of the network now and Snapchat is creeping up.