SEO Optimization: The Beginner’s Guide

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a set of techniques that aims to improve a website’s ranking in keyword searches using search engines. This field has proven to be a highly competitive one, with the approach becoming more and more technical with each passing year. While it may seem that things are becoming too complicated, even a beginner can implement good SEO. This beginner’s guide will help you do exactly that.


  1. Learn the basics of how search engines work. While the algorithms used by different search engines change from time to time, there are specific criteria that will help you rise up in the rankings no matter what. First, you have to make high quality content (more on this later). Second, you should never resort to manipulative SEO techniques, also termed as “black-hat” web marketing.
  2. Understand how people do searches. People log into search engines because they are looking for specific things. When they are making a search, they enter words or phrases (known as keywords), with the search engine yielding results that contain or are related to the keywords used. Having an understanding on how people do searches will give you an idea on which keywords you can use for maximum benefit.
  3. Create good web design and content. How you construct your site plays a big factor in your SEO rankings. Sites that are professionally made attract more visitors and consequently gain better visibility in different searches. Because of this, you have to invest in both good web design and content. A good design makes your site both engaging and pleasing to view. Good content gives value to the visitor. You’ll need both to construct a high quality and search-friendly website.


As a beginner, that in a nutshell is how you should do SEO. There are more sophisticated techniques, but you can learn them later on.