A seemingly innocent picture stirs an entire country into a protest


A picture of a white couple walking their dog in Ipanema, Brazil, has created a lot of uproar in the country. In this picture, behind the white couple is a black nanny pushing the white couple’s white twins in a stroller. The picture has gone viral online, with many stating that it is an emblem of the country’s economic and racial divide.


The white parents are wearing the national flag colors, perhaps indicating their allegiance to the sitting government. This is likely to cause controversy considering that the picture was captured during an anti-government protest. The maid is curiously dressed in white. Anti-government protestors translated this to mean racial and economic segregation as most wealthy Brazilians preferred their maids to adorn white colors.


Ironically, the family and their maid were on their way to join the anti-government protests on Sunday. More than a hundred protest marches were held across the country. The protestors numbered more than two million last weekend. Brazilians are fed up with the crippling allegations of malpractices by the president and her close associates.


Interestingly, by the time the protests died down, one picture remained. Strangely, the large violent crowds are mysteriously missing from the picture. This prompted members of the public to wonder whether the couple was actually participating in the protests. They seemed to be on a holiday drill. To clearly understand this picture, you need to be familiar with Brazilian politics.


The picture clearly stole the storm out of a weekend of protests, almost diverting attention. The president, Rousseff and her predecessor, da Silva, have come under intense pressure over corruption allegations. Da Silva is under investigation for a case of bribery while most top members of the ruling party have been convicted of corrupted related charges.


Most Brazilians are experiencing frustrations at the way the country is being run. However, opinion polls suggest that the protests are dominated by the upper and middle class people as well as the whites in the country. In Sao Paolo, most protestors were found to be wealthier than average Brazilians. Three quarters of them were whites.

It is; therefore’ not surprising that a mere picture depicting two whites a black pushing a stroller can create a lot of misconceptions. This picture became a symbol of how Brazil is polarized. It is not clear how the white family reacted to the picture when it went viral, but it is obvious it did not rub them the right way. This is because they were on their way to join the anti-government protests, but the picture portrays them as supporting the status quo.


They are adorning the colors of Brazil’s national flag, a sign of patriotism. People may wonder what is there to be proud of being a Brazilian. The country’s political and economic system has been run down completely. When people are staging anti-government protests, it is only fair that they stay away from colors or anything that may be misconstrued to mean national pride. The picture is clearly ironical.