Samsungs Attempt To Pass Apple

According to Parks Associates’ study they did recently, the US market share for Samsung is progressing at a rapid rate. The Galaxy manufacturer is on a rise at thirty-one percent compared to Apple’s forty percent share.


Over the next few months this set up gives Samsung a good run for their spot over apple and potentially get the number one spot. According to Forbes, ”  The South Korean company’s current product line is near the end of its life cycle – the Note 5 has had its rush on both release and Christmas sales, and the Galaxy S6 family are weeks away from handing over to the Galaxy S7. ”

As they are on the rise to get ahead of Apple, they are about to release an all flagship device to give them a little extra momentum. Samsung has a very great shot if the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge can top the lousy selling the S6 did last season. Not only will Samsung take the number one spot, they will also be ranked number one in the Phone Market Share in America over the next few months.

There is a catch, the Galaxy S7 has a lower interest level than most of their previous devices. Although this doesn’t seem to be very promising for their company, they have confidence they will out market Apple.

Apple is of course not just lying around waiting for this to happen. They are getting ready to boost their sales by releasing the iPhone 5SE, expected to hit stores three weeks after Samsung reveals the Galaxy S7.