Motorola to Samsung: You nicked our idea


Truth be told, tech giants act like artist’s with art pieces.In this niche there are many fights and fits of tantrums of torment, jealousy, and usually which is the absolute worst of all, the accusations of copying and piracy. In the latest, this week, Samsung had launched its new Galaxy Note 7, and one of their main rivals was not happy. Motorola talked away on their Twitter account, “In what galaxy is it okay to steal competitor phones’ cool features?” Could Motorola possibly have been talking about the Galaxy Note 7? I really think so.Motorola added the hashtag to add some controversy on this issue, #TheOriginalAlwaysOnDisplay.

Judge Lucy Koh has probably been imagining about yet another lawsuit against Samsung and the idea of stealing designs.Could Motorola be right? Or could it be when stealing companies often say they are only finding inspiration in different ideas? (The LG G5 also had this similar feature.) But there is a slight difference between the two. The model for Samsung’s phone is always on, but you still have to unlock the phone to get a peek at the current notifications. Whereas the version for Motorola doesn’t keep the display on at all, but when you receive an notification the screen lights up. You can also wave your hand over the screen to activate the phone. Although there was a difference between the two, Motorola felt they were right about it.

Then, people began tweeting that the old Nokia phones similarly the 808 PureView had the same feature.Now, Windows phones have become part of the discussion. One person had tweeted at Motorola: “HUH? @lumiaUS#windowsphones have had that feature 4 years. Question: why did YOU steal it? #glancescreen.”And so now it appears everyone has been a thief. Some others also pointed out that Symbian (OS by Nokia), could have had the original idea of this whole discussion.

Samsung decided it was smart to not comment. Motorola as well didn’t decide it was smart to comment.These accusations are always happening in the tech scene, though many of these unlikely to disappear at this time.Maybe you’ve heard that the famous Steve Jobs stole the idea of the mouse from Xerox? And who persuaded Apple to make the decision to increase their phone sizes? I’m sure it was Samsung.The winners win, losers lose. And if you can’t deal with it, you sue.Democracy has turned into a great thing.