Melania Trump’s Speech: Publicity Stunt Or Complete Accident?


“Trumps ability to manipulate the public into controversy as a means for gaining a platform for free media coverage is unprecedented and unparalleled. This is his game and it is kind of sad that it works so well on the mass public and media.” Do not think for a single minute they did this and had no clue what they were actually doing… Donald Trump is a VERY smart man rather you like him or not.

If his wife gave a regular ol speech at the convention it probably would get very little attention, so why not spice it up a bit right? Lets get her speech broadcasted ALL over the internet and TV. maybe that might give him some free advertisement.

I hope everyone can realize the same exact thing I am starting to realize, Donald Trump is a business man so why would he not bring those tactics into the politics game?

Trump purposefully did this as an old sales tactic called TPTS.

  • He specifically chose Michelle Obama to “plagiarize” so her and Melania will be shown side by side in the media 24/7
  • People start subconsciously considering them BOTH first lades
  • He gets the whole nation “thinking past the sale” and subconsciously presuming he will be the President.


Here is also a little extra something to think about as well.