Marco Rubio: Survival Of The Fittest


At last, the inevitable happened. On March 15, just after the Florida primary, Marco Rubio dropped out of the Republican presidential primaries. His situation was so much worse that even John Kasich’s campaign refused his endorsement. Leave everything aside; He even lost his home state of Florida to the brash, yellow-haired businessman from New York. The young Florida Senator carried just 3 states before leaving the race to the three remaining contestants – Donald Trump, John Kasich and Ted Cruz.

How Rubio went to now?


How the shining star of the Republican Party got to this Position is a different story altogether. He made the wrong choices early on, didn’t confront the front-runner Trump very well (at least till early March), and his 3-2-1 strategy didn’t work – if you want us to mention a few. Many argue that it’s hard to win an election as an establishment candidate while the public is in a mood of choosing an outsider. That could be true, but there are many other reasons.

The first reason could be that Rubio did not focus on winning the early states. His whole strategy was about coming third. You cannot win an election by just coming “strong second” and “strong third”. You HAVE TO come first in at least a few early states. But who can tell Rubio? He was blown up by the media hype that he created himself.

Apart from this, he wasn’t much popular in the Republican base. The Republican base was angered with him due to the comprehensive bipartisan 2013 immigration reform bill which he tried to push with other members of the Senate. One more big folly that Rubio’s campaign made was to use the “3-2-1” strategy.

The said plan was quite plain and simple. Rubio will come third in Iowa, second in New Hampshire and first in the later states. It looked at a point that it could work. Rubio did came third in Iowa. Not only that, He was just two points behind the current front-runner. However, due to his lackluster debate performance after Iowa and Chris Christie’s attack on his repetition of talking points, the momentum fiddled. He came fifth in New Hampshire and never recovered after that.

Rubio even tried to become a bully to confront Trump, but you cannot become something that you aren’t. He failed miserably in drowning Trump but instead drowned himself. He mocked the penis size of Donald, but it didn’t stick. However, when Trump called him “little Rubio,” it did.

So what lies ahead for him?


Nothing much. Although he is quite popular in the Senate, He has sworn that he won’t contest for the Senate. “He hates it” – reads a headline from the Conservative Washington Post. So it’s clear that he won’t be going to the Senate. What else? Regarding another presidential run in 2020 or 2024, he will be still young and energetic. And the Republican Party is friendlier with the second time contesting candidates. Take for example Mitt Romney and even Ronald Reagan. Party was not friendly with them on their first chance, but that wasn’t the case in the second. So, that can be done, but he has to find a way to remain in the spotlight till then. How he can do so is another speculative topic. We currently know that People of Florida don’t like him so a gubernatorial contest won’t be a platform for him either. Choices are hard for him, but he has to find a way.