List Of Politicians Mysteriously Dying: Hilary Clinton Or The Devil?


There is a growing list of Politicians and important people that have been mysteriously dying throughout Hilary Clinton’s circle. Although there is no actual hard evidence to these murders associated with Hilary Clinton, I am here to put the pieces of the puzzle together for you. Since the 2016 election cycle three more people have died that have been playing a major role in running against Kilary.. whoops i meant Hilary. Sparking the renewed interest in the so called “body count” that they are racking up from people who allegedly got in the way of the Clinton Machine.

Remember John F. Kennedy Jr? well he was declared the front runner for the NY senate seat in 1999, and who was his opponent? Hilary Clinton. Days later his plane had crashed into the Atlantic ocean when he was en route to Martha’s Vineyard and his rival Hilary Clinton was elected senator. Mary Mohoney, was a White House intern and was learning quickly how corrupt the Clinton’s actually were. She played a key role in Bill Clinton’s impeachment trials, she was later brutally executed in the Starbucks that she was working in. Police say there was nothing out of the ordinary going on in there, so decided for yourself who played they key role in her murder.

In 1993 White house counsel Vine Foster was found dead in Marcy Park near D.C, he supposedly killed himself and among the lengthy list of foul play the bullet was actually never found. Then there was James Mcdougal a eye witness for White House Prosecutors, he was serving his 3 year sentence for bank fraud. Just before he was supposed to give his testimony before the grand jury he suffered a heart attack in solitary confinement.

27 year old Democratic Staffer Seth Rich was shot July 10, 2016, there has been speculation that he played a role in leaking the thousands of Classified emails that Hilary Clinton deleted. Many believe that his murder was connected to this for retaliation of trying to assist in Hilary Clinton’s arrest.

This list continues on with about 10 more people! wow Kilary… I did it again I meant Hilary, you sure do know how to keep your hands dirty. It is so amazing that forensic specialist and crime scene investigators can never find a hint to who keeps murdering these people. Are they getting paid off? most likely but that isn’t for me to decide.