Ivanka Trump: A Message To Women- “He Will Fight For Equal Pay And Equal Work For Women”


Ivanka Trump, the princess of the family, is the last child of 5 to give her speech at the Republican Nominee Convention and boy did she just kill it.. If any of the women out there need a little persuasion to come back on the Trump train then here it is.


-“Real Change Is Only Going To Come From Outside The System”

-” He Sees Potential In People Before They See It In Themselves”

-“People Would Leave Donald Trumps Office And Feel Like Life Can Be Great Again”

-” Kindness And Compassion That Will Enable Him To Be The Leader This Nation Needs”

-“He Is Color Blind And Gender Neutral, He Hires The Best Person For The Job Period.”


As Ivanka stated, “At My Fathers company there are more women employees at my fathers business, woman are paid equally and when they become pregnant he supports them and are not shut out.” Women represent 46% of the US labor force, in 2013 women made 83 cents to a dollar that a man made. Donald will change the labor laws and will focus on making quality child care affordable and accessible for all. This is what the media does not want you to know, because at this very moment Donald Trump lacks women voters, but in actuality he is on your side. Please take time to reevaluate your thoughts on this man and realize he is on your side and the media is not.


-“As a mother myself, I know how hard it is to work and raise a family, American families need relief, It should be the norm for women to work and be a mother at the same time.”

-“He will fight for equal pay and equal work and I will fight for this right along side of him.” A trump presidency will turn America around and give the generation to come, hope.


Ivanka Trump just gave a heart-filled speech to fill the void of all the women all over the country who have their doubts about Donald Trump. Although her father has made a few remarks regarding women and their place in America, she spoke the real truth about her father. Ivanka Trump wants everyone to realize that he actually does see everyone has a “equal” and in his business understands the struggles some women face. If anyone can give you personal experiences of how Donald Trump treats people it is his very own children. Each and everyone of them have done a fantastic job of describing their father as a leader, a man of integrity, hard worker, and a man who takes every problem and does his best to fix it.


-” I Ask You To Judge My Father By His Results”