Islamic States And Their Status Quo

The Islamic religion and states have been at war with the surrounding countries for over a 100 years now. The 2nd city in Iraq, Mosul was declared that it had been liberated on the 10th of July. There has been a constant battle between 2 dominating religions in Asia from their own people in Iraq and Syria. There was a report that has been made, “ IHS Conflict Monitor said IS had lost more than 60% of the territory it controlled in Iraq and Syria in January 2015. “ ( 16 August 2017 )

There was a special presidential envoy that was deployed by Brett McGurk which was able to clear 65,000 sq km and freed up over 4 million people alone. With these extremist in the Islamic religion trying to dominate anyone who opposes them, made it easy to conquer these sovereign nations.

As the US continues to interfere with foreign affairs it has caused us to become enemies with more than just the Islamic people.

The point of this article is to give insight on what exactly is going on in Iraq and Syria with militant groups who are at war with each other. People are being impacted in these countries because they are being forced to flee their home lane.

Political, Cultural, and Economic status of these countries are at an all-time low. Having no real political interest in making these countries prosper, they will continue to decay as time goes by. All though our 5 major news stations discuss some of these issues, there is a lot we are very unaware about. IS has been dominating their territory and have a scary future if they are left untouched.

Rebuilding Mosul has been an extremely difficult task for the Iraqi government, costing over $1 Billion. The biggest question most people have is how is this terrorist group being funded? The war on Oil started this militant group and it continues to grow the more we fight them.