Harmony of the Seas: Worlds Biggest Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean confirmed on Wednesday that their new cruise ship Harmony of the Seas will be set for delivery in 2016. Not only is the going to be the largest ship ever built, it can hold a total of 5,479 passengers at almost double the amount from any other cruise line.

This 16-deck-high cruise ship will be filled with dozens of eateries, showrooms and fun zones for the kids on the upper decks, bars, a full out oasis in the middle of the boat, hanging balconies from the inside out, and many more stunning features.

On Wednesday Royal Caribbean announced the Harmony of the Seas would have a “bionic bar” a full interactive bar, and instead of a human bartender you get a robot…yes a robot. Although this concept was brought to you first by the Quantum of the Seas, the Harmony has double the amount.

All the way from larger cabins than any other ship Royal Caribbean has produced, to windowless “inside”” cabins and VIP only Virtual Balconies, which gives you a real view of the outdoors without paying extra for a real balcony. The VIP section of the boat will include exclusive new areas to enjoy, a private restaurant for those who purchased a suite, called Coastal Kitchen, a suite lounge, and a Sun Zone deck that can only be accessed by VIP’s.

After reading this, if you are not as excited as I am to get on this boat you are crazy! I have been on 8 cruises in my life and never experienced one like this. You better bet I will be taking a trip on this massive boat sooner or later.