Florida Man Throws An Alligator Into Restaurant

23 year old Joshua James is being accused of hurling a live alligator into a drive-thru window at a local Wendy’s restaurant. As soon as this story become a viral one, he soon claimed that he was only trying to play a practical joke on his friend, who worked at the place.

The animal was seized and released into the outdoors.

Mr James, from Jupiter, Florida, acquired and located the gator along the side of a street and enticed it into the rear of his pickup truck, as outlined by an incident statement through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, reported by community broadcaster WPTV.

He then traveled to the restaurant in Royal Palm Beach, where he placed his order like any regular customer would do. When he pulled up to the window he received a drink and threw the 3ft (1m) long animal in the opening.

He also reportedly faces charges of unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator.