Donald Trump: Business Man And Super Politician?


As we are well aware, Donald Trump is a well known business man who has taken these past 11 months to challenge not only himself but also his family. In the most recent events with his wife’s speech, Melania, we almost have to come to the conclusion that this was a marketing technique he used insight to gain free press and news coverage of this event. All throughout his presidential campaign Donald Trump has used his money straight from his pocket which has never been done before. After spending his whole life in the business world, we would expect to see some of the tactics he has used daily come forth in his political run, it only makes sense right?

If you are still on the fence about his wife’s speech and why she made the choice to copy around 50 words from Michelle Obama’s speech here is a little something you should check out:


As we can clearly see not only was the speech copied but also the tweet Barrack Obama sent out. Take note, Donald Trump planned this all out from the start, he posted it on the same exact day as Barrack Obama did just a year later.

This should give those who are still on the edge about Donald Trump a little more insight on how truly smart this man is. Stop listening to the lies and hate the media has been spreading about this man the past 11 months. We have a man running for President that is using his own money for his campaign and his business smarts for the political game.