According to the current authorities, two employees of the acting manager of two different D.C post offices took in several illegal bribes in exchange for delivering illegal packages of marijuana; this was quoted in an indictment filed Thursday in the D.C. federal court. Letter carriers, Kendra Branyley and Alicia Norman were charged with Deenvaughn, with bribery and distribution of a controlled substance for the bribes.

All three were arrested on Thursday. From the indictment, Rowe would be monitoring the arrival of marijuana packages at the two post offices (Lamond Riggs and River Terrace). He would then give the instructions to Brantley and Norman to meet the certain individuals, who would offer cash or checks for the packages marijuana during the street routes. In the months between September 2015 and August 2016, Rowe seemed to allegedly have collected a total of $31,485 worth of bribes; he deposited all of the money into his bank account. The packages of marijuana were getting past the facility because they would not scan the packages or put improper information on them.

Washington Post said, “Authorities have appeared to have been monitoring the three since at the least of March. According to the indictment, that month and during the next two months, Brantley and Norman were seen repeatedly exchanging different parcels for cash with someone else in a white Range Rover with the license plate of California. There were phone calls among the three and were recorded before, during and after the deliveries.

The packages came from California and Oregon, from the indictment. The residents of California will vote on this fall on a anonymous ballot initiative to fully legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The state of Oregon has legalized the sale of marijuana from last year.


The possession of a small amount of marijuana is still legal in this district; you cannot sell the drug. From this indictment, there were more than 100kg of marijuana, 220 pounds worth, were involved in the total crime between the three.


There were more than 35,100 pounds of illegal drugs/narcotics delivered through the mail and were seized by postal inspectors in 2015, said by USPS.”