Carbonshade Glasses

The all new carbonshade blue light blocking glasses are a range of fashionable eye wear that aids in sleep. They are now available in a wide variety of different frames, but unfortunately only come with red optics. Helping you sleep better, the key purpose is to block blue light after dark.

There has been numerous studies that show blue light may have a negative impact on the amount of sleep we get each night. Darkness tells our body its time to sleep and starts the production of melatonin which makes us feel the sleepy sensation. Its 2016, 90% of us view some type of computer screen or smart phone before sleep, which emit the blue light that tells us we should be awake. No wonder technology tends to make us want to stay up..

There is already a wide market for these types of products but Carbonshade’s founder, Jeremy Maluf took the opportunity that was presented to him and made this product stand out more than the rest.

You wear sunglasses, so why not screenglasses?

If you are thinking about making these your own and putting them to the test, head over to Kickstarter where can pay $95 for a pair that has 6 different styles.