Cam Newtons Post Super Bowl Interview

If there was one thing to say about this immature filled interview that Cam Newton put on for the whole word to see it would be, AWKWARRRDDDD.

Cam Newton’s postgame shame party was awkward to see. The very last position the Panthers quarterback thought about being after having suffered the greatest loss of his football-playing existence was in front of a group of press.

And the very last thing he desired to hear would be a Broncos player within just range of him to illustrate the Panthers’ collapse. Newton pressured out a single non-answer after another, reluctantly expounded slightly even though still indicating almost nothing of significance, then hit his limit as he overheard Denver cornerback Chris Harris discussing with his personal dependent of press just feet out about how exactly the Broncos got a chance to get in Newton’s head.

Who said being able to swallow a Super Bowl defeat would be easy? Cam Newton should of acted as a man instead of showing the world his true character in a time of defeat. No one said he couldn’t be upset but the best champions keep their head high, win or defeat.

Accepting this like an adult comes, in which his case, with being the NFL’s MVP