BitCoin And A 5G Network: Looking At The Bigger Picture

Bitcoin… where do I even start with this topic 2009, present day, or future? Bitcoin has a huge future ahead of it and will become something this era will personally be able to witness. The transition between paper money to the digital currency. Now most of you would think I am a little insane for having this thought, but let me show you what I mean. In America we are still under the so called “Industrial Revolution”, in fact we are only in stage 4/5. This means we are only 80% complete of a 100% industrial revolution (Everything is focused around digital technology) Mobile supercomputing, Self-driving cars ,Massive funding of Artificial Intelligence, Neuro brain enhancements, and last but not least genetic modification. The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed.  Let me give you quick lesson on the significance behind the so called “G’s” in our networks

  • 1G : The First Digital Cell Phone: Minimal Internet usage $5/min, 1,000 texts a month package
  • 2G : Razor: Introduction of the Internet Browser-minimal usage high cost, more coverage faster speeds
  • 3G: First Iphone: Introduction of a mobile internet, group messaging, high internet speeds, global connection
  • 4G: Ipads, Tablets, Apple Watches, Amazon Product “Alexa”: Mass use of internet, mobile phones turned into tiny computers, tiny computers turned into a sleek on sided touch screen.
  • 5G: *You put the pieces together for yourself….*

The G determines which stage of the industrial revolution we are currently in under the topic of Technological advances.

After doing some research I found there was actually a meeting that was held labeled; World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2016, which is being held under the theme “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Having said all this, I need you to understand that as a society we have always progressed. We are a capitalistic society, border lining the idea that there is always something to make a profit from.

Back to the main discussion of this post, a society is built and formed around the ancient trade, bartering. This means as you progress there is always something better to offer. That is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin will be the future payment option in the 5G era of technology. I am not a financial investor by any means, and all of my advice is purely from research, speculation, and putting the pieces together. Is it so crazy now to think that Bitcoin could be a huge factor in the near future? Bitcoin is looked upon by someone who knows nothing about it as too complex. The reality of it is you have no knowledge about it or the potential it holds. Watch this video i have provided pertaining to the shift in our society once it becomes dependent on technology.

Call me crazy, fine, but I know for a fact you have heard of the term “One World Currency” thrown around a few times. The only plausible way to achieve a one world currency is if you do it in digital form :I.E Bitcoin. Lets think about it for a second, everyone is already linked together on a global scale through the internet. Weather you believe this theory or not is totally up to you. I am simply being the whistler blower who you think of when these things come to reality. Take this quick article of future predictions and sleep on it.