Best Web Hosting Companies

  1. GoDaddy 


-It offers the cheapest service in the market of hosting. It can get you started with little money. I recommend their services to small companies and Entrepreneurs.
-Preferred choice for countries with no dollar currency (which is my personal case Venezuela).

If you are the kind of person to find it a bit hard to get your hands in a few dollars, then godaddy can definitely help you out. Its marketing campaigns offer enough coupons to get your first domain for free + the cheapest hosting for a whole year. The cheapest sale I have personally got is 12,18$ one year hosting with controlpanel + a free .com domain

-There are many users of godaddy so it is easy to find help by googling


-Since its such a big company, then your little business is not going to be at the top list of godaddy’s concerns, however they do offer a quality support by phone
-According to many blogs it is not the fastest one around. But for your startup company it should suffice. ”


2. Blue Host

” Hostgator offers 3 packages for shared hosting and I chose to be subscribed to the baby plan because it gave me unlimited space, bandwidth, emails and databases and most importantly I can host unlimited number of domains for less than 9.95 dollars per month. I have hosted more than ten websites and still adding more for the six months I have been their client and so far so good.

The second important aspect that makes me love HostGator is the CHAT WITH LIVE PERSON facility. Whether you are a professional web developer or a newbie like I was a few months ago you will always need this feature. I have contacted them on close to six times and in all the occasions they have lived up to my expectations. The most notable one that I would love to highlight in my review is one time I had messed with the URL structure of my clients website and went ahead to save the settings. I was unable to login and for the few time I was all in tension as the website was busy one and I would start to receive calls from the client demanding an explanation. I hit the live support button and within a minute I was assisted by a technical support customer care who solved my problem from his side and the site was up and running again. That was and remains my best moments with Hostgator.

I have not noticed any downtime with Hostgator for the days I have hosted with them. My personal website which I have jetpack notification activated which monitors and notify you when the website is down is yet to give me a bad warning unlike another website I host with namecheap that gives me a notification at least once in two weeks.

The Hostgator Cpanel is full of features some of which I have not used despite them being there and available for use by me. My most favorite feature is the quick install facility that enables anyone even with the minimal skills to install WordPress in a minute.
Speed is excellent while it’s hard to receive an error while working on your projects unlike in other company you keep on getting internal server error. ”


3. IPower

” I choose to write a review about iPower.
It’s an excellent hosting & domain provider, The first time when i started to get into hosting, I choose iPower and everything was great, Not just hosting I’ve learned a alot with them, My first Domain ever was provided by iPower
Support was great, no body’s perfect.
I would recommend iPower to not just a friend but the closest friend, I always trusted them, my privacy they cared about, They even gave me a great offer on to keeping my info private
Great People.”


4. SiteGround

“1.. Free CDN and own caching plugin
When you sign up at Siteground you get access to CDN for free. This means that they have a network of 24 servers spread all over the globe and once you activate CDN, your website will be copied on these servers. This makes sure that a person from another continent also gets a high trasfer rate. Siteground even created an own caching Plugin for their customers to speed up your site.
2. Low prices
When you sign up at Siteground it costs you $3.95 per month. When you are a student it only costs $1.99/month. I don’t know much hosters with the same condition
3. Perfect Support
The Siteground support was the deciding reason I signed up. When you contact them they will solve every problem. No matter if it has to do with the hosting or with WordPress. They also have a 30 days money back promotion and this shows that they are convinced of themselves. They know that they are great.”


5. InMotion

“In my three years with InMotion Hosting I can honestly say it has been nothing but a positive experience. They have excellent support whether live chatting or over the phone. Their servers support all of the latest technology and services. Their prices have been incredibly reasonable.

I will be renewing my service with them for the 4th year next month and am looking forward to it.

Anytime I have had a question or concern regarding my website it has been taken care of, even when its not their responsibility. For instance one time my WordPress installation updated and some compatibility issues crashed my site. They were able to restore my previous installation from their backups and wait out the WordPress dependency updates.

If you are looking for a great web host consider InMotion Hosting.”