Where America Stands: Socially, Economically, and Politically

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Author: George C. Skenteris

First off free college, sounds great. Sure I’d love not to pay a dime and still become an engineer. But free college would devalue my degree. The job market would be flooded with tons of undergraduate engineers. Nowadays a high school diploma gets you nothing because everyone has it. IT GOT DEVALUED. Free college would cause the quality of your education to drop. Let’s look at our public K-12 education system. It’s free. Teachers are underpaid. The standard is set low by programs like no child left behind and common core. And let’s say hypothetically for a moment that it wouldn’t devalue the degree or lower the quality of education. Where would all that money come from. Do you want your taxes to go up? I doubt it. Free college was something Bernie Sanders wanted. He’s a democratic socialist. When people think socialism they think Germany. Well guess what Germany is NOT socialist. It’s actually considered a mixed economy because it has a lot of private owned business (capitalist) but large scale welfare programs (socialist). Therefore it is not a successful socialist economy. It is a successful mixed economy.

Okay second social issue, every election social issues play a huge part. Abortion and racism and rights of the minorities and the list goes on. Yes these issues can and should be considered. However they are not the biggest problems facing America right now. Jobs, the economy, immigration, war, debt… These are by far more pressing issues. So when you discuss politics focus on those issues rather than the social ones. Especially when deciding who to cast your vote for. Once we fix ourselves economically we can tackle the social issues.

Third Hillary might be the first woman to be nominated, but she’s also the first to be under FBI investigation and be nominated. Since when does feminism overrule criminal behavior. She only got this nominations because the system was rigged.She can’t manage her email account and apparently neither can the DNC. Fourth most you complain that neither option is good. Well you have other options. They are less likely to win but they are options. The most popular is Gary Johnson. He needs 15% in the polls to be in the national debates and he is already on the ballot in all 50 states. And last on my list is Trump. He has flaws. I’ll admit that. But he also has experience with economics and foreign trade and leadership. As of right now, I think he’s the best option. Not the perfect option, but the best out of them all.