5 Simple Steps To Improve Your Relationship

Where do I begin with relationship advice, they take a great deal of commitment, focus, and work. Discovering the right man or woman to settle down with can frequently seem like an extremely disheartening game of chance. And even if you do choose the right one, you will certainly still have your hard work cut out as you make an effort to maintain your relationship.

If you want just a little assistance with regards to love, you have arrived to the right place.

1. You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness

This could not be anymore true, sometimes we lose focus on how to handle ourselves because we spend so much time trying to please others. If you are one to constantly rely on your partner to make you happy it will result in an a very unsatisfying relationship. My partner is responsible for her happiness and I’m responsible for my own. We purposely focus on things to feed each other the happiness and joyful things we need.

If you are out there searching for that one you feel will “complete” you – your’re looking at the big picture the wrong way. Find someone you enjoy making happy and vice versa, when true happiness is in a relationship it is a magical feeling.


2. Take It Easy

One of the best relationship advice I have ever received is “Take it easy” or “Try and slow things down a bit.” Often people get caught up with fear based thoughts that could mentally destroy you. Like I said TAKE IT EASY, if you and your partner are truly meant to be everything will work itself out. The classic struggle most relationships face is the togetherness-and-autonomy equation. The typical response to a relationship that is building up massive stress is the space break of each other to seperate the tension. The best way to incorporate space without demolishing the bond the relationship still holds, is being proactive and provide emotional space rather than physical. This step can actually be one of the harder ones because it causes you to think differently while trying to cope with the relationship problems. Just relax, lay down and bed and think of all the positive things your relationship has brought you.


3. Love Yourself

If you struggle in loving yourself how do you think you could possible love someone else. When it comes to this issue, relationships tend to fail because one person has a hard time loving themselves, which sometimes produces fake emotions towards your partner. Be a pillar of strength and compassion, you have to be able to apply if to yourself before you give to those around you. The best type of love is the kind that comes from a heart that loves itself.


4. Don’t Put Boundaries On Others

For this section you must think in a different way. Do not put boundaries on your partner but instead on yourself. If someone is acting out and doing things to put your relationship in jeopardy, ask yourself why you accept that behavior. Instead of feeling like the victim of situations, empower yourself to reject bad conduct and chose a different person who has self taught boundaries. A relationship takes effort from both sides, learn how to implement good habits each day and results will sky rocket.

5. Stop Waiting And Live Your Life

Of course I had to save the best for last. I have a close friend who struggled with his love life because he thought he was entitled to find love. So he lived a few years of his life in search, and lost a lot of time because he wasn’t focusing on the right things. Although he finally made it out of that rut and scored himself a dime, he lost a lot of time and life because he was so caught up in being in a relationship. “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.”