5 Reasons Why Trumps Wall Is Not Needed

Is Trump’s Mexico wall needed?
From Ohio to Florida where ever Trump goes he claims that he will build a wall near the Mexico border and Mexico is going to pay for it. Even after understanding how not feasible and absurd this idea is, the question remains do we really need a US-Mexico border wall. Are illegal immigrants such a significant threat to the United States? Are they taking away jobs? Is the United States better without them? And will the wall keep them from coming inside?

America is a nation of immigrants
The USA is built and has benefited a lot by immigrants coming from all over the world. What if someone like Trump would have stopped immigrants from European nations three-four centuries ago? Would have we got great presidents like Kennedy, FDR, Lincoln and even George HW Bush. America constantly benefits from the process of immigration where talents from all over the world come to this great nation and serve in its great purpose.

Illegal immigration is going down
The Pew Research Centre in 2014 concluded that the number of illegal immigrants is going down since 2007. In 2007, it was around 12.2 million, and in 2014, it became 11.3 million. Not to forget this happened in the same President Obama’s tenure that the Republicans and Donald Trump blame for giving illegal immigrants a free pass. President Obama has even reduced the number of illegal immigrants more than his predecessor Republican President did.

The wall will cost huge
In accordance with the secure fence act of 2006 passed by the Bush administration, around 670 miles of the border was secured with a fence and it had cost $ 2.4 billion. Now, According to many news sources like CNBC, a wall would require even much more. The estimate is at around $ 16 per mile of the border. The Mexican border is roughly 1300 miles so the cost can go as high as $ 12 billion. And that’s not all — that is just the construction cost. The border patrol could also cost an estimated $ 750 million per year. Even after keeping the maintenance cost aside, do we have such kind of money? Nope. We already have a budget deficit, and it will increase it further.

Mexico is not going to pay for it
The Donald may claim so many times that he’s going to make Mexico pay for it, but Mexico authorities and even Mexican government disagrees. The Mexico Secretary of Treasury has denied it. The ex-Mexican president has denied it. And several other commentators have dismissed it. How many more people do we need to understand that no country is going to pay for a wall that is built on hate against it?

Land border is not the only way
Understanding why illegal immigrants come into this country is critical. People are not willing to do the jobs that immigrants are doing. Americans don’t want to work on low-paying jobs. Illegal immigrants are. That’s why many business houses including Trump’s restaurants get immigrants to do their hard work. Until this situation continues, there are many ways for immigrants to come into this country even after building a wall. Many illegal immigrants come from the sea route and will come in the future.
Donald Trump is just making things up. His xenophobic comments may be great for his party’s primary elections but would not serve America well. The wall firstly is not needed at all and secondly is not feasible. Immigrants are a part of American society since ages, and they help us in getting and remaining on the top. It is not Mexico but our country that needs to change.